22.01.2020 – release

  • Use select2 library bundled with WooCommerce

08.01.2020 – server side changes

  • Support calculation bugfix

17.12.2019 – release

  • Coating color bugfix

25.11.2019 – release

  • Laser cutting technology support (Beta) (Please read the documentation )
    • New printer type: Laser Cutting
    • New material type: Laser Cutting Workpiece
    • DXF (2D) file format is allowed for uploading for laser cutting printers
    • Laser cutting printers have new settings in the advanced options: Startup Time, Cutting Speed, Travel Speed, Piercing Time
    • Laser cutting workpiece materials have new settings: Workpiece Thickness, Cutting Speed, Piercing Time. These settings override the printer’s settings.
    • Option to show the Number of Shapes and Total Path in the Model Stats.
    • Option to show the price request form if an unsupported DXF entity is found.
  • Option to show the price request form if a model is too small
  • Show Ground option in the Product Viewer configuration
  • Print Time displayed as hh:mm:ss on the frontend
  • Printers and materials can charge per Bounding Box XY (width x length)
  • Bugfixes

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