15.11.2019 – release

  • WooCommerce 3.8.0 tested
  • Show error code for the failed file upload

05.11.2019 – release

  • Minor bugfixes

06.10.2019 – release

  • Added “Show Support Material Volume” option to model stats
  • Admin area: Added a few more tooltips
  • Bugfix: “Price Requests” permalink
  • Bugfix: Correctly show the price request form for stp models which are too large
  • Added documentation link

02.09.2019 – release

  • Bugfix: discount removal
  • WC 3.7 compatibility

23.08.2019 – release

  • Bugfix: disallow adding nonexistent files to cart
  • Bugfix: NinjaForms submissions fix
  • Bugfix: discount price is displayed properly
  • Bugfix: JS error in the admin

02.08.2019 – release

  • Backend: added Group column to printers, materials and coatings
  • Backend: Group Name autocompletion
  • Price calculation bugfix for DLP printers
  • Original file name in the 3D viewer to be taken from cookies

29.07.2019 – release

  • New admin area for printers, materials, coatings, infills and price requests
  • Price Requests page in customer’s my-account menu
  • Model name on “my orders” page is clickable
  • Removed IDs of printers, coatings and materials in the shopping cart.
  • Ability to use the Infill option without API (does nothing, but can be useful for price requests)
  • Original file name stays in the 3D viewer.
  • New shortcode for emails to customers:  [price_requests_page_url]
  • HTML in email templates bugfix
  • Proper infill auto selection when a cart item is clicked
  • Mail function to customer bugfix
  • Fixed a few PHP notice messages

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