14.09.2020 – release

  • Laser Cutting – the viewer shows the 2D DXF file with correct line colors
  • Laser Cutting – Cut, Engrave, Ignore options
  • Laser Cutting – displays total path and shape number in order information
  • Laser Cutting – cutting instructions options are configurable in General Settings -> Other
  • cutting_instructions shortcode in email templates
  • Bulk Upload – model thumbnails (can be deactivated in Model Processing tab)
  • Bulk Upload –  select default infill fix
  • Bulk Upload – min. product price fix
  • Backend – dropdowns are searchable
  • Shortcodes supported in material/printer/coating/infill descriptions
  • Min. price per printer/material/coating
  • Re-Slice – calculates the min. price properly
  • Startup Cost per model option
  • Price request form with an estimate price shows the loading bar properly
  • API enable per product option
  • Show printers/materials/coatings/infills per product option
  • Searchable dropdown select default value fix
  • Multi currency bugfix
  • WC4.5 tested

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