‐What do I get if I buy the plugin?

Zip file with the plugin, free updates and free support. Free support is offered for one website.

‐What do I get if I buy the subscription?

You can activate plugin’s special features: infill, support material, print time calculation.

‐How do I create a 3D printing product?

In this video you can see how to set up a 3D printing product.

‐What’s the shortcode for the premium plugin?

The plugin has “Shortcode Generator” submenu where you can generate the shortcode for single upload and bulk upload modes.

Also you can use woocommerce product_page shortcode. To be able to use it you need to check “Load Everywhere”, on the plugin settings page, “Other” tab.

‐How is the printing price calculated?

Generally the formula is: printing price = printer charges + material charges + coating charges + post-processing charges(+ optional custom charges). Printer, material, coating and post-processing charges are calculated depending on the plugin settings. The total cost can be calculated through material volume, material weight, bounding box, surface area, print time and more.

‐How are infill, print time and support material calculated?

They are calculated by Cura 3.4 running on a remote server. At the plugin backend you need to configure following parameters: layer height, wall thickness, nozzle size, infill %, print speed, travel speed, support material.

‐How does the subscription work?

The subscription is needed to enable infill and support material calculation. When you order a subscription you have an option to make it recurring. It can be cancelled or renewed any time.

‐Can I get a trial period for the subscription?

Yes, first 30 models are free by default.

‐Does the plugin pass model’s dimensions and weight to shipping modules?

Yes, but weight works only with shipping modules which calculate weight through the shopping cart. I haven’t tested all of them, but here’s a few modules that work: Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce
, Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping

‐How do I set up a minimum price for small models?

On the product page open Variations tab, expand the current variation and set “Regular Price”.

‐How do I set up different price rates for different amounts of material and volume?

For example you want to charge 0.5$ for < 200cm3, 0.4$ for >200cm3, 0.3$ for >400cm3. Instead of regular numeric price enter this formula: 0:0.5;200:0.4;400:0.3
The price and amount are delimted by “:” symbol and price-amount pairs are delimited by “;”. This works on printer, material, coating and post-processing prices.

‐Does the plugin check models for printability?

The current version only checks if the model is larger than the selected printer build tray size.

‐Can I add custom attributes with custom price?

Yes, through the standard WooCommerce facility – http://docs.woothemes.com/document/variable-product/.
Also you can set the attribute price on Products->Attributes page. The price can be flat or a percentage of the total, printing/material/coating price or material amount. It can also be a negative value. Video instructions on how to set up the price is here.

‐How do I assign a printer/material to a product?

By default all printers and materials are assigned to products marked as 3D Printing Product. At the attributes tab you can see “all” value against “Printer” and “Material”. If you want to assign only one printer to a product – delete “all” and type the printer id in that field. IDs can be seen at the Printers and Materials tabs of the plugin’s settings page.

‐How do I group printers/materials/coatings/post-processings?

Give them the same Group Name.

‐How do I sort printers/materials/coatings/post-processings?

Sort Order field determines the order, low numbers go first. Groups at the moment are sorted alphabetically.

‐How do I add a predefined model to a product?

  • Go to WooCommerce->Settings. Open “Products” tab. Click on “Downloadable products”. Set “File Download Method” to “Redirect only”
  • Create a “3D printing product” by following installation instructions in the documentation.
  • Save the product.
  • Open “Variations” tab. Expand the variation by clicking “Expand” link.
  • There you will see “Predefined Model” field.
  • Upload or select an existing file by clicking on “Choose file” button.
  • Save.

‐How do I configure Ninja Forms integration and put the form on a certain page?

Please follow this guide step by step. Every step is mandatory.

  • Create a 3DPrint product according to this video
  • Make sure that “Checkout” setting in 3DPrint settings is set to “Request price”
  • Now you can use Shortcode Generator (check 3DPrint submenu in the admin area)
  • Put the shortcode you created on the previous step on any page you want.
  • Configure Ninja Forms integration as shown on this video

‐How do I translate the plugin?

The easiest way is to use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

‐I installed the script, but something is not working right..

  • Try to deactivate/activate the plugin.
  • Try to uncheck “3D Printing Product” checkbox, save the product, again check “3D Printing Product” and save.
  • Try to create a new product attribute on Products -> Attributes (this will reset the attribute cache).
  • If you use any cache plugin on the site try to empty it’s cache.
  • Check the browser’s console (F12) for JS errors. There might be a conflict with other plugins.
  • Try to deactivate other plugins one by one (especially those which can alter the product’s price, e.g. discount plugins)
  • Also try clearing your browser’s cache.
  • If that doesn’t work feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to help.