3DPrint: MakePrintable addon

Advanced “repair” system that allows you to repair files with printability issues including non-manifold, boundary edges, wall thickness, intersecting geometries, flipped faces and other common issues that prevents the file from printing. It works by reconstructing the file to guarantee the printability and to solve the issues causing the print to fail.
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  • Install the zip file of the addon like a regular WordPress plugin.
  • Create a MakePrintable account https://makeprintable.com/signup
  • Purchase a plan https://makeprintable.com/pricing
  • Create an app
  • Copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste to the corresponding fields of 3DPrint: MakePrintable settings page.
  • Make sure “Repair Models” is enabled on the “Model Processing” tab of  the 3DPrint Settings page.