18.04.2018 – release

  • Weight calculation bugfix
  • JS optimization

11.03.2018 – release

  • Post status bugfix

07.03.2018 – release

  • “Startup Cost” bugfix

06.02.2018 – release

  • New “Startup Cost” field on the settings page
  • Added energy, depreciation and repair cost fields to the printer’s advanced options
  • Corrected cart price formatting
  • Fixed some warnings and deprecated functions
  • Added Chinese translation

18.01.2018 – release

  • Dokan pro plugin fix
  • Price display fix



22.12.2017 – release

  • Added option to show XYZ axis
  • Product width, length and height get properly updated in the shopping cart
  • Files with inch unit get resized properly
  • Bugfixes

22.11.2017 – 2.1.8 release

Order Again button:

  • takes to the product page if the order contains a single 3dprint product
  • shows a warning message if the order contains 3print and non-3dprint products

21.11.2017 – release

  • Admin area pagination
  • Possibility to configure price request/checkout options per product. (doesn’t work with shortcodes)
  • Default infill 0% bugfix
  • CSS fix

13.10.2017 – 2.1.6 release

  • New slicer option – Slic3r.
  • Added some more Cura options.
  • Option to disable model animation on mobile devices for performance reasons.

10.09.2017 – 2.1.3 release

  • Option to show the price request form if : a model can not be repaired, a model is too large, multiple stl files could not be packed, a model can’t be analysed or subscription is expired.
  • Printers, materials, coatings have a new price option:  +% of total price.
  • Materials have a new price option: hourly price.

06.07.2017 – release

  • Patch for WooCommerce 3.x attributes

29.06.2017 – release

  • Patch for WooCommerce 3.1.0

28.06.2017 – release

  • Bugfixes

03.06.2017 – release

  • Email templates
  • Ability to arrange multiple STL models from a ZIP file.
  • New product attribute – Scale
  • Added portuguese translation
  • Bugfixes

23.05.2017 – release

  • Added default unit setting
  • Inch conversion fix

02.05.2017 – release

  • “Request price” bugfix

11.04.2017 – 2.0.7 release

  • Bugfixes

08.04.2017 – release

  • Product gallery works in WooCommerce 3.0
  • Bugfixes

05.04.2017 – release

  • WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
  • Bugfixes

27.03.2017 – 2.0.6 release

  • New layouts: slider and group slider
  • Several bugfixes

27.02.2017 – release

  • New feature: image printing. Jpg, png, gif, bmp files get converted to stl. (Works best with high contrast images such as logos)
  • Obj files with textures are supported now. (A zip file with obj, mtl and image files should be uploaded)
  • Printers have “Full color printing” option
  • Can use zip files as predefined models
  • Get a quote email address is configurable
  • Scale lock: can’t scale lower than the minimum model side setting
  • Changed dimension input field style
  • Several bugfixes

11.01.2017 – 2.0.3 release

  • Added German translation
  • Fullscreen bugfix

08.01.2017 – 2.0.2 release

  • DLP printer type (experimental)
  • Model rotation adjusted for DLP printers.
  • Printers, materials and coatings have Description and Photo fields. (displayed as a tooltip)
  • Canvas resolution is configurable.
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout: model name is displayed instead of product name.
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout: printers, models, coatings follow the display settings.
  • Price bugfix
  • Invisible models bugfix

27.12.2016 – 1.9.9 release

  • Printers have a minimum model side option (default 1mm, small models will be upscaled)
  • Materials and coatings have glow and transparency options
  • Fixed repair/rotation process

20.12.2016 – 1.9.8 release

  • Fullscreen mode option
  • Optimize model option (automatically rotates the model to optimize the 3D printing process)
  • Shadow option
  • Ground mirror option
  • Added second light source
  • File uploading is displayed on the canvas
  • ASCII stl bugfix
  • Material/weight bugfix (was negative in some broken models)
  • A few CSS tweaks

11.12.2016 – release

  • Shading option (flat, smooth)
  • Repair and analyse messages are displayed on the canvas
  • Canvas resolution is detected automatically
  • Coating bugfix

10.12.2016 – 1.9 release

  • Switched to Three.js library
  • Autorotation option
  • Resize on scale option
  • Fit camera on resize option
  • Grid and printer box can be hidden
  • Materials and coatings have a configurable shininess level (plastic, metal, wood)
  • Build tray shape option (rectangle, circle)
  • Temporarily removed support for .mtl files
  • Temporarily removed zoom and camera angle options

29.11.2016 – 1.8.1 release

  • Model repair feature. (through Slic3r)

26.11.2016 – release

  • IE css fix
  • Improved theme compatibility

23.11.2016 – 1.8 release

  • Drag and drop feature
  • Upload button can be hidden
  • Loading image is customizable

19.11.2016 – 1.7.7 release

  • API trial: first 30 models can be analysed for free
  • Minor bugfixes

18.11.2016 – 1.7.6 release

  • Extra file types support (experimental): IGES, STEP
  • Added “Clone” button for printers, materials and coatings
  • Printers, materials and coatings can be enabled or disabled
  • File chunk size is configurable

02.10.2016 – 1.7.4 release

  • Improved theme compatibility
  • Got rid of 2 woocommerce templates
  • Added Italian translation
  • Bugfix: empty default values
  • Bugfix: price blinking

22.09.2016 – 1.7.3 release

  • Added extra price fields
  • Model’s weight is now passed to shipping modules. This works only with modules which calculate weight through shopping cart. (See FAQ)
  • Backend: fff/fdm specific options are hidden in “Advanced Options” button.
  • Bugfix: Scale is set to 100% when file unit is switched
  • Bugfix: Loading image shows up immediately once the analysis is started
  • Frontend CSS adjustments

03.09.2016 – release

  • Load Everywhere option. (useful for [product_page] shortcode)
  • Several bugfixes.

19.08.2016 – 1.7.2 release

  • Server side triangulation option.
  • Some bugfixes and css adjustments.

08.07.2016 – 1.7 release

  • Added travel speed option.
  • Re-enabled density field for filaments.
  • In the admin printers, materials and coatings can expanded and collapsed.
  • If uploaded model is too large a warning is shown.

05.07.2016 – 1.6.8 release

  • Added printer type option.
  • Now only FFF printers use API.
  • Some bugfixes.

15.06.2016 – 1.6.6 release

  • Added product gallery support.
  • Performance optimization for predefined products with fixed price.

13.06.2016 – 1.6.5 release

  • Can add a predefined model to a product (see FAQ).
  • File Unit can be hidden.

03.06.2016 – release

  • Added support material option.
  • Model stats can be configured.
  • Print time can be displayed in model stats.
  • Some bugfixes

05.04.2016 – v1.6.0.2 release

  • OBJ files can be analysed.
  • Printers can charge per hour.
  • Printers have a new option – print speed.
  • Added fixed price option for printers, materials and coatings.
  • Can choose between minimum price and starting price.
  • Added some tooltips in the admin.
  • CSS/JS versioning.
  • Several bugfixes.

24.03.2016 – v1.5.8 release

  • Model analysis feature. This is a paid feature that allows calculating real volume using infill and shell thickness.
  • Printers have new parameters: Layer Height, Wall Thickness, Nozzle Size, Infill Options.
  • Templates are configurable per attribute.
  • Swedish translation.
  • Several bugfixes and css adjustments.
  • Repair feature is deactivated for a while.

22.03.2016 – v1.5.2 release

  • Bugfixes.

17.03.2016 – v1.5.1 release

  • Custom update mechanism.

16.03.2016 – v1.5 release

  • Model repair feature (stl only). This is an experimental feature, the repair is performed by Slic3r on a remote server. May be replaced in the future.
  • Added two new attribute layouts (dropdowns and colors).
  • Cookie lifetime is configurable.
  • Added gzip rules to .htaccess.
  • Added model dimensions to scale.
  • Can hide scale.
  • Moved printers/materials/coatings to sql tables.
  • Added sort orders.
  • Added group names.
  • Materials can be assigned to coatings.
  • Added uninstall script.
  • File size is checked for extracted files.
  • Fixed uploading of files with uppercase extensions.
  • Fixed zip archives with utf8 files inside.
  • Fixed MacOS Safari bug.
  • Fixed Zoom setting.
  • Fixed model cache.
  • Minor bugfixes and layout changes.

P.S. If you’re upgrading and you have materials assigned to printers you will need to reassign them.

15.02.2016 – v1.4.3 release

  • Materials can be assigned to printers.
  • Custom attributes can alter the material amount.
  • Can hide model stats.
  • If a printer/plane color is empty they get invisible.
  • Fixed hidden boxes.
  • Minor bugfixes.

12.02.2016 – v1.4 release

  • Added scaling feature. Users can resize their models, also now if the model is too large it’s automatically resized to fit into the selected printer.
  • Renamed Filament to Material, enabled Density field for non-filament materials.
  • The percentage of custom attributes now can be applied to the total, printer price, material price or coating price.
  • Now it’s possible to set different price rates for different amounts of material/volume (see FAQ).
  • Fixed uploading of files with utf8 names.
  • Printers, materials and coatings are translatable now.
  • Button color is configurable.
  • Canvas stats and printer/material/coating boxes can be hidden.
  • Minor layout fixes.
  • Some language fixes.

01.11.2015 – v1.3 release

  • Zip file support. Models can be uploaded in a zip archive (one model per archive).
  • Obj models with .mtl files and textures can be uploaded in a zip archive.
  • Better obj file support.
  • Added a housekeeping feature.
  • Minor layout fix.

07.09.2015 – v1.2.8 release

  • Now price is always calculated on the client side to speed things up and verified on the server when a product is added to cart.
  • Price options (number of decimals, currency position, etc) are now inherited from WooCommerce.
  • Several bugfixes.

25.08.2015 – v1.2.5 release

  • Surface Area calculation
  • New material type – coating. Price is calculated per cm2 of area surface.
  • Some CSS fixes.
  • Minor bugfixes and language changes.

18.08.2015 – v1.2.1 release

  • Custom attributes now can have a price (flat or %). More details in FAQ section.
  • Webgl is enabled by default.
  • Non jumpy layout.
  • Ajax functions are wp compatible now.
  • Minor bugixes.

13.08.2015 – v1.1.7 release

  • Added file upload settings.
  • Admin now can leave comments in the price request manager.
  • When the plugin is in “request a quote” mode the price and model dimensions are calculated on the client side giving a performance boost.
  • Some layout changes.
  • Fixed some bugs including wrong dimensions calculation of some models.
  • Tidied up the code and added some hooks.

05.08.2015 – v1.1 release

  • Added model thumbnail.
  • Improved compatibility with WooCommerce themes.
  • The plugin is translation ready now.
  • Added Russian Translation.
  • Added possibility to assign certain printers and materials to products. (More details in FAQ section)
  • Added ground plane.
  • Ground plane color and printer color are configurable.
  • Added zoom settings.
  • A few bugfixes.

02.08.2015 – v1.0.3 release

  • Performance optimization
  • Configurable product viewer
  • Several bugfixes

26.07.2015 – Initial release (v1.0)